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Marketing, copywriting, and strategic communications

to support your sales & operations.

We support organizations at the forefront of smart environmental solutions.

What Can We Do For You?

Your communication strategy should directly support business objectives.

Messaging Architecture

Hone your messaging strategy for upcoming product launches, rebrands, or long-term campaigns

Marketing Platform Management

Implement, maintain, and troubleshoot CRM, CMS, and marketing automation platforms (significant experience with Hubspot, WordPress, and Mailchimp)


Draft copy, brand language, websites, pitches, and messaging for products or services (more details below)


Oversee ambitious ventures, ensuring timely progress with large, remote teams

Copywriting Services

A smarter way to communicate big ideas

You have the smart solutions for a sustainable future.

Professional copywriting ensures your big ideas don’t get lost in translation.

Additional white-labeled clips available upon request

"We struggled to find someone who could write, edit AND manage teams and deadlines. Corinne is able to work on the project and in the project. In other words, she can manage the project and fulfill the deliverables. That is a rare combination."
Erica Stephens
Weaver Stephens Group
"In addition to being an excellent writer, Corinne has played a big part in helping White Oak Pastures strategically plan and manage marketing campaigns. Understanding inventory, sales and fulfillment is not an easy task with vertically integrated production systems, but Corinne continues to think in big picture ways that ensure success.”
Jenni Harris
Director of Marketing, White Oak Pastures

Case Studies

Fueling E-commerce Growth

In the three years Verdant worked with White Oak Pastures, a “radically traditional” farm in South Georgia and a nationally recognized leader in regenerative agriculture, the farm’s D2C e-commerce retail nearly tripled. White Oak Pastures’ marketing infrastructure grew more complex and sophisticated by the month, requiring constant fine-tuning. Verdant created everything from email marketing sequences to automated workflows. Verdant also developed social content, drafted external farm communications, and managed PR outreach.

Evolving Company Messaging

Unnamed Agency (UA) has experienced breakneck growth and is offering new services, yet they have maintained the same website for over two years. Verdant joined the team to distill communication strategy: where UA wanted to go next, and how to get there. Initial deliverables included brand positioning, buyer persona analysis, and key message mapping. Additional deliverables include UA’s full website rewrite and other marketing content.

Inbound Marketing Materials

Restaurant365, a restaurant technology company, needed a content marketing writer to ghostwrite compelling, top-funnel content. Verdant worked with SEO templates and internal SMEs to create relevant inbound marketing articles. Verdant also wrote an educational “Masterclass” series, compiled summaries of webinars, and interviewed R365 users to write compelling, results-driven case studies.

Startup Business Development

Unnamed Company (UC) is in the process of launching an ambitious digital product platform. Verdant has led branding and messaging discovery exercises with the startup team, advising on future marketing strategy. Verdant has also consulted on marketing tech stack, creating strategy for email automation, lead conversions, and CRM to meet UC’s fast-growing business needs.

Some of our past and current clients:

"Corinne helps clients translate information and ideas into content that resonates with its intended audience. We don’t believe in generating content without a clear objective. It should be a means to an end: generating leads and growing business. Corinne gets that. Her writing is crisp and smart without being overly clever, something woefully lacking in today’s marketplace.

She is especially good at working with subject matter experts who struggle to convey industry knowledge to external audiences. Our clients ask for Corinne by name. They just love working with her. She has a frank, no nonsense approach that puts clients at ease because they know they’re in good hands."

-- Erica Stephens, Weaver Stephens Group
“I’ve been supervising freelance and staff writers for more than 25 years, so I have very high standards. Corinne is not only an excellent writer, she also has a strong business sense. After my initial input, she provides drafts that are on target. My subject matter experts and I rarely make changes to her first drafts. There is no back and forth with Corinne. She just gets it.”
-- Anita Price, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Restaurant365
“Content Workshop was drowning in tasks. The hectic nature of managing a team and delivering on our promises to our clients was causing frustration at the executive level.

With the arrival of Corinne, we instantly saw a dramatic change. Now our deadlines were being met, our clients were delighted and I had a refreshed sense of forward progress. I have no doubt that Corinne saved me hundreds of hours over the last couple years. Corinne is extremely trustworthy–so much so that we give her full transparency into our operation. If she can give you 10% of the magic that she’s given us, you’ll see a huge return on investment.”

-- David Ebner, President at Content Workshop
Corinne Kocher Verdant


Corinne Kocher founded Verdant to work with companies making a difference in mitigating climate change. She brings years of experience in messaging strategy, an obsession with crystal-clear communications, and a practicality earned from the hospitality industry.

After a lot of time spent running around restaurant kitchens, Corinne prefers standing desks, walking meetings, or at the very least, coffee.

Let’s talk about what we can do to grow your business.

Corinne Kocher